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Centra spent E241m last year in Ireland

Monday, July 21 17:38:00

Convenience retailer, Centra, spent E241.1 million in local communities around its 460 stores in 2013, it said today.

Centra's 'Community Impact Study' shows this spend averages E4.5 million per week through a combination of payments to local suppliers, acquisition of local business services, wages, charitable donations and local sponsorships.

The study reveals that Centra stores sourced E59 million worth of products, from over 1,400 local suppliers, and contributes E2.5 million in donations or sponsorship commitments to over 5,500 local charities, community groups, schools and sports clubs. As well as supporting local suppliers, Centra stores also spent a substantial E12.6 million with a vast amount of businesses in communities where its stores are located in 2013.

Also revealed by the study, Centra is one of the country's leading employers with 11,280 people employed across its network of stores, of which over 5,000 are full time roles.

On average each Centra store accounts for 25 jobs in the surrounding community. Centra plans to expand its network of stores and to create and sustain approximately 300 additional jobs across the country by the end of the year.

Centra Managing Director Martin Kelleher commented, "Our study shows Centra is spending almost a quarter of a billion euros in communities all over Ireland, that's over E524,000 per store. We now have solid data demonstrating the significant economic importance and impact of our stores up and down the country."

"Unlike some other retailers whose profits leave Ireland, our customers' hard-earned euros are going back in to the community where they are from. We value their business and try in every way possible to share our success with them. For the last 35 years, support of communities has and will continue to be, at the very heart of what makes Centra a successful business. We have ambitious growth plans and if performance continues as we expect, E1 billion will have been invested back into communities between 2013 and 2016," Mr Kelleher added.

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