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Boxever hiring, shift to Dublin office

Wednesday, July 23 10:37:00

Boxever, an Irish travel industry service provider, today said it has relocated its headquarters to Ashford House in Dublin to accommodate the 44pc increase in new employees since January.

The company, which provides customer intelligence, personalisation, and big data, said that the expansion also includes establishing the company's first international office in Boston in the US, which will be focused on global marketing and account development activities.

"It's clear we have found a real need in the travel industry for a more efficient and effective way to deal with the surge of data airlines and OTAs are getting from multiple customer channels," said Dave O'Flanagan, CEO, Boxever. "This strong interest has resulted in a growing need for skilled resources across all our operations."

In addition to processing millions of guest profiles, Boxever helps airlines and OTAs improve core KPIs associated with converting and retaining customers. Mr O'Flanagan said that the company's customers have realised double-digit uplifts in conversion and retention programs resulting in millions of dollars in additional revenue.

Key hires added or augmented since January include sales, marketing, data science, engineering, and client services.

"I'm delighted with the growth Boxever has seen over the past 24 months," said Mr O'Flanagan. "At our holiday party in 2013 we had 66pc more employees than the previous year. Mid-year 2014 we've grown headcount an additional 44pc, and expect growth to continue through the rest of the year."

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