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Dublin's Verve open London office

Thursday, July 24 10:19:33

Verve, an event and brand activation firm headquartered in Dublin, today announced the opening of its new office in London.

The new office is aimed at better serving Verve's existing clients by furthering the firm's reach across Western Europe. Recruitment of eight new members of staff is ongoing as part of the expansion.

"Increasingly in the past year, existing clients have come to us and asked us to expand our working relationship to include projects overseas. Joining the Western European agency roster for clients such as Coca-Cola and Diageo was a sign to us that now is the right time to take the leap and set up a new office in London, which will be our first location outside of Ireland. Clients are increasingly thinking of Western Europe as one market, and we are in a position to provide engaging communications services to our business customers that we can apply anywhere in the region. From Verve's perspective, establishing the new office is a significant move that will aid the future expansion of our business," said Founder and Managing Director of Verve, Ronan Traynor.

The addition of eight new employees will bring the Verve team to forty, a figure which represents a sixty per cent increase in the size of the firm compared with two years ago.

This rapid expansion reflects the wider improvement in economic conditions in the European marketplace. It also reflects sector-specific factors such as skills shortages, where, according to Mr Traynor, companies are increasingly using employee experiences as a means of differentiating themselves from competitors in the race to attract the most talented employees.

"We particularly see a focus on employee events in industries where there is a limited pool of people with the skills required. The technology industry is a prime example, where major players are eager to distinguish themselves in the mind of potential employees as possessing desirable places to work. Hosting attention-grabbing events that will get everyone talking is strategically important to top IT firms therefore, and Verve works hand-in-glove as a partner to industry to determine and fulfil such business-centric goals," he said.