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US group buy Cork-based Mingoa Ltd

Friday, July 25 11:53:32

Silicon Valley-based chipmaker Microsemi has acquired Mingoa Ltd, an Irish company that specialises in chip design geared for large-scale Ethernet, operations for an undisclosed sum.

Microsemi is a leader in energy-efficient and timing chips for the defence, aerospace, industrial and communications markets.

Microsemi said the acquisition of the Cork-based company will strengthen its communications infrastructure business.

Mingoa, established in 2009, makes chip designs embedded in hardware and software for real-time Ethernet operations, administration and monitoring. Applications include enterprise Ethernet services, mobile or small cell backhaul operations and data center connections.

The company is venture-backed by Enterprise Equity Venture Capital and Enterprise Ireland.

Microsemi isnít a big acquirer, but its strategic investments tend to be fairly pricy. In November, it paid $304 million for Symmetricom Inc., a San Jose-based company that specialises in time-keeping technology, according to US online media.

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