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Netwatch say property crimes down in H1

Monday, July 28 12:02:28

Irish security group, Netwatch, today said that its figures have noted a small drop in criminal activities after years of steady growth.

Its Commercial Crime Report for the first half of 2014 showed a 1pc decrease in crimes against businesses and homes. Comparing January to June 2014 with the same period in 2013, Netwatch's figures were found to coincide with recently released CSO figures which showed a 1.4pc decrease in burglary.

An analysis of the report showed that weekends once again remained the most active time for criminal incidents with 37pc of all criminal activity report on Saturday and Sunday. However, for the second year in a row, the number of weekend incidents recorded continued to fall with a decrease of 6pc, following a previous decrease of 5pc in 2013 compared with 2012.

Also, Waterford saw the highest increase in number of incidents recorded with figures more than doubling compared with 2013. Waterford was the second most active county behind Dublin where incidents actually decreased by almost 17pc.

The report also revealed that 2529 incidents were recorded at Netwatch monitored properties in Ireland between January and June 2014. This compares to 2562 incidents recorded during the same period last year.

June recorded the highest number of incidents with an increase of 18pc when compared with 2013. February remained the least targeted.

Weekends once again proved to be the most targeted for crime with 37pc of all incidents occurring on Saturday or Sunday, a fall of 6pc on the 2013 figures.

Weekday crime continues to increase with 4pc more incidents recorded on a weekday in 2014 compared with 2013. Also, while Fridays were the most active weekday in 2013, Mondays have now become the most active.

Of the overall number of incidents recorded, the most prominent areas included Dublin (31pc), Waterford (7pc), Galway (6pc), Cork (5pc), and Limerick (4pc). However, both Dublin and Galway both recorded decreases of 17pc and 16pc respectively.

Some 57pc of incidents were carried out by lone intruders, an increase of 3pc.

In 96pc of all incidents recorded the intruders were travelling on foot compared with 84pc in 2013.

David Walsh, CEO and Co-Founder of Netwatch said, "While a 1pc decrease may seem quite insignificant, this has been the first recorded drop in overall crime rates that we have seen in a number of years. However, while the overall figure has fallen, certain figures are proving more disturbing, particularly the continued leaning towards midweek incidents. It shows that criminals are becoming bolder and targeting less traditional times when people possibly feel more secure."

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