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Study says in-shop ads most effective

Thursday, July 31 11:44:04

Irish shoppers say that in-store advertising and promotions are the best way for brand owners to get their attention.

The research, from shopper marketing specialists Visualise, found that 71pc of shoppers want retailers to make supermarkets more fun and welcoming.

In-store advertising (40pc) such as trolley advertising, floor graphics and aisle banners, ranks as the most relevant way for brands to advertise their messages to shoppers, it found.

Television advertising was deemed the second most relevant form of advertising (29pc) followed by Online (14pc).

The results are contained in a study called 'Shopper Nation 2014' which examines the shifting behaviours, attitudes and perceptions of over 1,000 Irish shoppers. The report released today focuses on the 'In-Store Experience' of the Irish shopper and looks at attitudes to the retail environment and in-store marketing.

Over two-thirds (71pc) of shoppers stated that they would like to see supermarket retailers make the in-store environment more fun and welcoming. Suggestions offered by the survey respondents included improved decor, activities for kids, clear signage, more friendly and helpful staff / better customer service, competitions, music, in-store displays and in-store demos / samples.

The survey found that 78pc of SuperValu shoppers found their main supermarket to be welcoming compared to only 52pc of Lidl shoppers while 72pc of SuperValu shoppers said items were easy to find in the outlet, compared to 53pc of Tesco shoppers.

Some 8 out of 10 (80pc) shoppers would like to see supermarket retailers provide recipes and meal ideas in-store. Respondents said they would like recipe leaflets on shelves, displays where all the ingredients are grouped together on shelves and touch-screen kiosk's where you can browse, print and save recipes to your phone.

Commenting on the research findings, Eoghan Phelan, General Manager, Visualise said: "These findings demonstrate the importance of communicating to shoppers when they are in store and the need for brands to take into account the shopper / consumer dichotomy when developing their marketing campaigns. In many cases the end consumer may not be the person actually shopping in-store, so it is crucial to also communicate to shoppers in a manner that speaks to them. In cases when the consumer and shopper are one and the same, in-store advertising also plays a crucial role as this is an arena where shoppers are susceptible to brand advertising and our behaviour and priorities vary greatly when we switch from consumer to shopper mode."

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