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Paddy Power warn of big data breach

Thursday, July 31 14:52:34

Irish bookie, Paddy Power, today said that some personal details of nearly 650,000 of its customers have been breached by hackers.

About 120,000 of the customers are based in Ireland.

The stolen data includes personal information entered by customers signing up to the Paddy Power online service in 2010 and the years prior to that but, it says, does not include credit card information or other financial details.

The information includes names, addresses, dates of birth, and even the maiden names of mothers, which are often used to verify account details.

The stolen data does not include any personal financial information.

The company said it had detected an attack on its database in 2010 and at the time concluded that no financial information had been obtained, though it suspected that some other information may have been taken.

It said that in May of this year it was advised that some customer information was in the possession of an individual in Canada, with the full extent of the breach being revealed after it took legal action to retrieve this.

Paddy Power said it had had engaged with the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner on the matter, and was now in the process of contacting the 649,055 affected customers.