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Your coffee habit says a lot about you

Wednesday, August 06 12:21:23

With a consumer recovery (hopefully) around the corner, coffee sellers are wide awake to business growth opportunities and have been taking a close look at our caffeine habits and what they say about us.

It's an exciting time for coffee in this country, says Irish Coffee Council Spokesperson Conor Minogue.

"With rising consumer confidence and more people back in work, we're finding people are drinking more coffee and we expect this to continue to grow. Whether it's instant, espresso, or filter, Irish people have embraced coffee like never before."

Last year, 3,992 tonnes of coffee were consumed in Ireland and Dublin will host Ireland's first Coffee and Tea Festival this September.

"In 2016, Ireland will host the World Barista Championships which will see over 5,000 coffee enthusiasts come to our shore. While we still remain at heart a 'tea drinking nation' a change could definitely be brewing," said Mr Minogue.

Our personalities are reflected in the choices that we make everyday, so what does your choice of coffee say about you?

A survey of 1,000 Irish consumers undertaken by the Irish Coffee Council with Amarach Research reveals which type of coffee drinkers are 'social animals' and which type tend to shy away from crowds and prefer their own company.

Three quarters of Irish adults drink coffee with Cappuccino being the most popular choice (30pc), Americano is a close second overall (27pc) and the most popular with those over 45. Cafe Latte is also a popular choice (22pc) while Espresso has a smaller but dedicated following, with 10pc of people preferring it over others.

The survey found that coffee drinkers are more extroverted than non-coffee drinkers and can easily become bored without other people around. Coffee drinkers enjoy social situations and even seek them out since they enjoy being around people.

These are amongst the findings from a recent survey of 1,000 Irish adults conducted by psychologist Patrick Kennedy of Amárach Research. The survey looked at different types of personality along with the types of coffee that people expressed a preference for.

Americano drinkers tend to be crowd-pleasers who are generally considered out-going and sociable. They actively seek out new personal engagements and thrive in groups. However, they are more likely than others to be somewhat moody and unpredictable with their emotions.

Cappuccino is the most popular coffee choice and the people who drink this style of coffee are full of life, energy and positivity. Cappuccino drinkers are likely to be seen as kind and considerate.

Latte drinkers tend to be more reserved than others, preferring to create close personal relationships in intimate settings rather than socialising in larger groups. They are also seen as helpful and generous with their time.

Coffee drinkers who add a sprinkle of chocolate to their coffee of choice seek out new experiences and love to meet new people. They tend to be spontaneous and prefer to take the world as it comes!

Espresso drinkers are notably different to other coffee drinkers. Espresso drinkers tend to be disorganised and spontaneous. They enjoy their own company and enjoy thinking, exploring their thoughts and feelings. They are introverted but they have no difficulty speaking with others, they just prefer their own company, finds the survey.

"The popularity of coffee among Irish adults is clear with three quarters saying they drink coffee, perhaps more surprisingly is that nearly 1-in-10 of these tell us they drink 5 or more cups a day" says Amarach psychologist Patrick Kennedy. "The notable difference in extroversion/introversion scores for coffee drinkers is also quite interesting as it raises further questions; are extroverted people drawn to coffee due to its function in social gatherings or do coffee drinkers become more extroverted through their exposure to these scenarios? Either way this research highlights an interesting dynamic between coffee drinking and personality types which hadn't been found previously."

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