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Irish firm NVMdurance funds for growth

Wednesday, August 06 14:14:51

Irish technology company, NVMdurance, today said it has received new investment after it broke world records with its Solid State Disks breakthroughs.

The technology is the result of 14 years work on flash memory endurance optimisation by the Limerick-based firm.

Existing investors, New Venture Partners and NDRC, have been joined by ACT Venture Capital and Enterprise Ireland in a E650,000 funding round.

The cash injection comes a year after winning Most Innovative Technology at Flash Memory Summit 2013.

Today, the company disclosed that it has successfully applied its technology to even the latest small-geometry flash memory - something that many believed to be impossible.

It said that NVMdurance software is now proven to make Solid State Disks last more than 20 times longer by extending the endurance of the flash memory on 1x nm chips.

As flash manufacturers continue to pack more bits onto ever smaller storage cells, the endurance (wear-out) issue for NAND flash storage users becomes an ever greater issue.

This trade-off between memory cost (per GB) and endurance means that the endurance problem is never really solved endurance improvements simply reduce the cost of the flash.

Last year NVMdurance caused a stir by demonstrating on 3x nm NAND flash that it could achieve a tenfold endurance gain by optimising parameter values alone.

Now NVMdurance has proven that the gain from the use of various other techniques (eg powerful Error Correction Code (ECC)) is multiplicative of the gain from NVMdurance' software and so it is now at least a twentyfold gain even on the latest generation of devices.

"We are very excited by the progress that NVMdurance has made and are delighted to be following our money in this latest round of funding," said Steve Socolof of New Venture Partners. "NAND flash is the fastest-growing product in the history of the semiconductor market. The 2014 market is expected to be over $28 billion."

"This investment will support the commercial roll-out of our technology," said Pearse Coyle, NVMdurance CEO. "Using NVMdurance software, the life of the flash is extended by at least 20 times with no impact on manufacturing process or architecture. The endurance improvements we have recently achieved have put us at the head of the pack globally and we are very pleased with the deployments we are now working on."

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