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Growth hopes for embattled Dublin pubs

Wednesday, August 06 14:25:21

Dublin's pubs are seeing light at the end of the tunnel at last with pub visits set to rise by 4pc in second half of this year with women and younger people leading the sales rise.

That's according to a new survey from the Licensed Vintners Association (LVA), which also found that two out of three Dublin drinkers have a 'local'.

It also found that two out of five visit a pub at least once a week and 79pc believe going for a drink with their friends is an important part of their social lives.

The CEO of the LVA, Donall O'Keefe said the findings underlined the importance of Dublin pubs to the social life of the city and it was important to assess their role from time to time.

"We are seeing some positive signs in the pub trade right now and the findings of this survey show we can look to the future with renewed confidence. People go to pubs to catch up with their friends, to relax, to have a few drinks, meet new people and perhaps to talk about things they might not ordinarily discuss," he said.

"For example over half of men believe pubs provide them with an opportunity to talk about sensitive issues. Clearly people are very comfortable doing all these things in a pub and this is reflected in the survey with 71pc saying they feel at home in a Dublin pub and over 60pc describing Dublin pubs as the best in the world, Mr O'Keefe added.

Three out of four described the standard of service in Dublin pubs as good with speed of service identified as the key characteristic of a good bar person, followed by the ability to multi task and having a sense of humour.

"Small traditional pubs are favoured by the majority and especially those over 55, but young men tend to prefer city centre bars while women have a preference for bars with a beer garden. Although people generally go to the pub with their friends, partner or work colleagues, young middle class men are the most likely to go to the pub by themselves. For women the pub is nearly always a collective experience," said Mr O'Keefe.

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