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Sierra win PrePay meter install contract

Wednesday, August 13 11:37:15

Sierra, part of the Siteserv Group, has become the nationwide provider of prepayment electricity meter installation services for PrePay Power.

The contract provides for the installation and provisioning of prepayment meters across the Republic of Ireland.

The company has been working alongside PrePay Power since 2011 as one of two providers for installation and last month Sierra became the sole provider.

Sierra now has a workforce of 40 service engineers live on this project. In addition to installation, the company also offers additional services including reading the existing electricity meter to establish the reading at the time of installation; demonstration of the meter and display unit to the customer; and testing and certification of the installation.

TJ Malone, Managing Director, Sierra said: "Sierra has been providing support to PrePay Power since 2011. The strength of our relationship is evident as the company has become the sole provider of meter installations across the Republic of Ireland. In one month since June our coverage has expanded from 18 to all 26 counties. This represents a great success for the company and highlights the valuable and reliable service by our team providers. Client feedback has been very positive and we have been particularly commended for the positive customer focus that we offer."

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