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48pc of Irish Govt debt held in Ireland

Wednesday, August 13 11:44:32

Some 47.7pc of Irish government bonds are held with Irish resident credit institutions and the Central Bank of Ireland, accounting for 91pc of these holdings, Central Bank figures showed today.

Outstanding government bonds stood at E113,207 million in June 2014, with 11pc due to mature in less than three years, it said.

The resident non-bank financial sector reported holdings of E2,758 million in June 2014. The holders within this sector were predominately other financial intermediaries at E1,133 million.

The financial regulator said that 32pc of outstanding Government bonds will mature within the next 5 years.

It added that 27 percent of resident holders fall under this maturity category, while the equivalent ratio for non-resident holders is higher at 37pc. Furthermore, 30pc (or E17.7 billion) of long-term bonds held by non-resident investors will mature from 2023 onwards.

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