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Cork innovates has cash for firms

Monday, August 18 12:25:32

Cork innovates, the award-winning initiative to drive entrepreneurship in the region, has launched a E30,000 bursary purse to help start-ups and established firms.

The bursary will provide the winning company with a suite of services from advertising, financial advice, mentoring, PR, mobile and data packages, Cork Chamber membership supports, along with a cash investment.

"Driving entrepreneurship is at the heart of Cork innovates, and this bursary process and fund rewards innovation and supports business growth for startups and SMEs in the Region," said Siobhan Finn, Project Director, Cork innovates.

Chairman of Cork innovates, Anthony O'Mara added that "companies of all sectors and size are welcome to enter this unique business competition. From startups to companies less than 5 years in business, Cork innovates wants to show our support to entrepreneurs and embrace the passion for business within this Region."

"The support for Cork innovates from our sponsors, businesses and organisations is a wonderful endorsement of the Region's support for innovation and entrepreneurship and shows the committed to entrepreneurial growth that Cork innovates embodies," said Mr O'Mara.

The Cork innovates bursary, now in its third year, has already succeeded in supporting Irish businesses to develop significantly. Previous winners of the Cork innovates bursary include Dee O'Leary of IDME Wristbands, who is now working with US counterparts to bring IDME to the US market and James Duggan of Funmanway, a successful entertainment complex in West Cork.

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