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Telstra launch global cloud service

Tuesday, August 19 12:24:39

Australian global telco group, Telstra, today launched its global cloud-based unified communications service, the latest offering in its long-term partnership with networking giant Cisco.

The service will be delivered through Telstra's cloud infrastructure, which extends to seven locations around the world, including the United States, Europe, and the Asia Pacific region.

Telstra's global solution, launched in partnership with Cisco last year, is now available across four continents in 25 countries, and is delivered over Telstra's worldwide network extending to more than 2,000 point of presence according to Telstra global enterprise and services director of marketing Nathan Bell.

"Our new global service is a significant development in global collaboration capabilities and has been designed specifically for today's dynamic workplace where employees use the web, video, voice to drive innovation and improve productivity," said Bell in a statement.

"With Telstra Cloud Collaboration, businesses can roll out extensive collaboration and communications tools to staff throughout the world, scale user profiles and functionality up and down depending on business requirements and ensure employees working remotely have identical resources to those working in the office," he said.

Cisco Collaboration Infrastructure Technology Group vice president and general manager Thomas Wyatt said that Telstra was one of the company's key global partners and the partnership between the two companies now offers one of the "most comprehensive" cloud-based services in the world to be delivered on a Cisco unified computing platform.

The new service will be available from the end of August to customers on a monthly "per-worker" basis.

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