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ISME seek end to public service strikes

Wednesday, August 20 11:42:15

ISME today called on the Government to legislate to prohibit strikes in public utilities and essential services.

It has strongly condemned the National Bus and Railway Union's (NBRU) and SIPTU's threat to initiate the four days strike action, calling it "the desperate and cynical act of a group unwilling to face up to the realities of how a modern transport system must operate".

"Irish SMEs are doing their utmost to recover from a disastrous recession and cannot afford the considerable cost in lost man-hours, trade and productivity, due to the withdrawal of necessary social and commercial services. By blackmailing the Government with impending strike action the NBRU/SIPTU axis is ignoring the reality of continued rail losses and the attempts to save their jobs," said ISME boss Mark Fielding.

"The pending action will seriously disrupt business activity throughout the country, resulting in many small companies' day to day activities being severely affected due to employees being unable to attend for work. The loss to the economy will run into millions of euros, with the brunt being borne by the business community, not to mention the effect on our international reputation, as another negative message is sent worldwide about Ireland," he added.

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