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Heineken now Ireland's top lager brand

Wednesday, August 20 13:50:38

Heineken is now Ireland's top selling lager brand as it increased its volume share of the Irish beer market to 28pc in the first six months of this year.

Lager remains the dominant and preferred beer of choice for the Irish consumer, retaining a market share of 63pc share of the total beer market, with stout continuing to decline with a market share of 30pc.

Within the on trade Lager sector, one in every two pints of lager consumed in the pub comes from the Heineken Ireland portfolio.

Maggie Timoney, CEO HEINEKEN in Ireland said: "Our continued focus on top line growth continues to be successful with the Heineken brand again performing well in the premium segment. We remain committed to investing in all of our brands and delivering impactful commercial programmes for our consumers and our customers."

"However, it continues to be tough to operate in this declining market, particularly in the context of the punitive excise tax increase imposed on our industry by the government. These taxes are a tax on consumers, tourism and jobs."