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MyHome spend big on ad campaign

Thursday, August 21 12:27:36

Property website has kicked off the new property season with the launch of a new and highly innovative ad campaign, with a spend understood to be in excess of E400k.

The centre piece of MyHome MyWorld is a television ad which for the first time uses cutting edge street view camera technology to bring together six panoramic images and wrap it together into one rotating world.

The campaign, which originated from creative agency Havas, used a specialist 360-degree camera called Ladybug 5 mounted on the roof of a car to shoot 16 hours of footage across 22 locations all over Ireland. The ad, which is accompanied by the upbeat track 'Happy' from Dublin band RED KID, was produced by Piranha Bar.

The ads will appear on television, in print and online from today.

The Managing Director of Myhome Angela Keegan said: "We had six very challenging years in the property market and many people deferred their buying decisions. Thankfully the market turned a corner last year and we are now seeing an influx of buyers and that is why our new MyHome MyWorld campaign is so timely."

"These buyers are time poor so it is vital that their experience of Myhome whether via our mobile platforms or website is as efficient and enjoyable as possible. To ensure that happens we are constantly updating our aps and the website. The ad campaign mirrors that dynamic and innovative approach and once people see what we have to offer we think they will stay with us until they find the property they are looking for," Ms Keegan said.

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