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Average pay packet lighter in 2nd Q

Monday, August 25 11:07:54

Preliminary estimates show that average weekly earnings were E688.15 in Q2 2014, down 1.1pc from E695.53 a year earlier, latest CSO figures show today.

Revised weekly earnings for Q1 2014 showed that average weekly earnings fell slightly to E692.43, down from E692.54 in Q1 2013.

The figures also show that average hourly earnings were E21.63 in Q2 2014 compared with E22.01 in Q2 2013, representing a decrease of 1.7pc over the year.

Average weekly paid hours were 31.8 in Q2 2014, an increase of 0.2 hours or 0.6pc on those recorded in Q2 2013 and average hourly total labour costs stood at E24.89 in Q2 2014, a fall of 1.6pc from the Q2 2013 value of E25.29. Average weekly earnings increase in 7 of the 13 sectors in year to Q2 2014.

Across the economic sectors average weekly earnings increased in 7 of the 13 sectors in the year to Q2 2014, with the largest percentage change recorded in the Construction sector increasing 6.0pc from E698.27 to E739.96. The largest percentage sectoral decrease was in the Arts, entertainment, recreation and other service activities sector, which saw weekly earnings fall from E500.42 to E474.13 (-5.3pc).

Average weekly earnings in the private sector showed a decrease of 0.3pc (-E1.79) from E623.79 to E622.00 in the year to Q2 2014, compared with a decrease of 1pc (-E9.15) in the public sector (including semi-state sector) from E928.01 to E918.86.

Over the 4 year period Q2 2010 to Q2 2014 average weekly earnings across individual sectors show changes ranging between -6.5pc, for the Human health and social work sector decreasing from E727.17 to E680.20, and +11.9pc, for the Information and communication sector increasing from E915.25 to E1,024.40.

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