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Big drop in emigration in past year

Tuesday, August 26 11:13:28

Net outward migration in the year to April 2014 is estimated to have fallen to 21,400, a decrease of 11,700 on the previous year's figure of 33,100, latest CSO figures show.

Emigration from Ireland in the twelve months to April 2014 is estimated to have fallen to 81,900 (from 89,000 in the year to April 2013), while the number of immigrants is estimated to have increased from 55,900 to 60,600 over the same period.

Irish nationals continue to experience net outward migration, although at a lower level than in the previous year, falling from 35,200 to 29,200, while net inward migration among non-Irish nationals grew for the second year in a row, from 2,100 to 7,900.

The number of births in the period was 67,700 while the number of deaths was 29,800, resulting in a natural increase of the population of 37,900.

The combined effect of natural increase and negative net migration resulted in an overall increase in the population of 16,500 bringing the population estimate to 4.61 million in April 2014. Almost half of the 81,900 people who emigrated in the year to April 2014 were Irish nationals (40,700 persons, or 49.7pc).

Net migration among non-Irish nationals from outside the EU is estimated to be plus 11,200 (of which almost 20pc were Brazilian).

This release provides an analysis of emigration by economic status for the first time and shows that the majority of those emigrating were either at work or a student in the period prior to departing with fewer than 1 in 5 being unemployed.

A breakdown of emigration by level of education (also published for the first time), shows almost half of those emigrating (47pc) were educated to third level.

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