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Frank McNamara launches SMS teaching

Tuesday, August 26 12:27:54

TV Personality and Music Director Frank McNamara has developed a product called SMS Tutor that delivers Junior and Leaving Cert mini-tutorials to students' smartphones.

The world's first mobile learning system, SMS Tutor provides students with daily curriculum content in the run up to their exams. It enables students to learn something new every day by receiving bite-sized course content via SMS relating to a subject of their choice. One of the many benefits of SMS Tutor is to improve a student's focus by enhancing and reinforcing formal school teaching rather than replacing it, Mr McNamara said.

Frank McNamara founder and owner of SMS Tutor said that smartphones are beginning to transform how we engage in our everyday lives.

"Smartphone penetration is constantly growing with over half the population of Ireland owning a smartphone. I began to notice that mobile phones were interfering with my kids study, so instead of fighting it, I decided why not embrace it? I said to a friend one day if only we could get students heads out of their phones and into their study books, we'd be onto a winner! And that's when the light bulb went off and I had a eureka moment, why not bring the study to the mobile phone. Our motto is you learn something new every day!" he added.

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