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WHO seeks ban on e-cigarettes for kids

Tuesday, August 26 12:42:53

The World Health Organization today called for a range of tough regulations restricting the use of e-cigarettes including a recommendation to ban their indoor use and ban sales to children.

The WHO urges manufacturers not to make claims the devices can help people quit smoking - until there is firm evidence to support this.

The report says flavours attractive to children should be prohibited.

According to the WHO legal steps should be taken to end the use of e-cigarettes indoors - both in public spaces and in work places.

The health experts suggest fruit, candy or alcoholic-drink style flavours should be banned too, while the sales of electronic cigarettes from vending machines should be heavily restricted.

They call for restrictions on advertisements that encourage children and non-smokers to use the devices.

And the WHO report expresses concerns that exhaled e-cigarette vapour could increase the background air levels of some toxicants and nicotine.

The team says e-cigarette use poses threats to adolescents and foetuses of pregnant mothers using these devices.

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