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Irish contact centre business to grow

Tuesday, August 26 16:04:06

The Irish contact centre industry is showing continued growth, according to new research released today by the CCMA (Contact Centre Management Association).

The research, which was conducted by UCD, indicates that technology advances are transforming the sector with an increasing amount of traditional telephonic communication being replaced by social media platforms and mobile technologies.

The research shows that, while the traditional telephonic interaction was the most common method of communication for contact centres in 2013, 2014 will see an increase in interactive technological communication methods such as web chat, and video interaction.

It found that 39pc of companies are introducing web chat, and 21pc will add SMS communication by the end of the year. The research predicts an increase in the use of social media, with a forecast growth of 18pc, and a 10pc increase in video interactions within the industry also.

Further growth is reflected within the industry by the greater demand for higher skill sets. The average multi-lingual contact centre has over eight language capabilities which include Austrian, Russian, Danish, and even sign language. There is a high demand for technological capabilities and qualifications in other industry disciplines. Absenteeism rates, at 6pc, continue to be among the lowest in Europe. The research showed a 19pc increase in the average number of full time employees since 2012, with 12pc more growth forecast by the end of 2014. Almost a quarter of these employees operate in the technology sector.

The contact centre management sector stretches worldwide with industry members supporting customers in Ireland (97pc), in the UK (47pc), and even South America (12pc).

Dorothy O'Byrne, Managing Director of the CCMA said: "As it stands we have over 40,000 people employed in the industry in Ireland. Our new research shows the continued growth of the industry, with companies expected to expand the level of employment by 12pc in 2014. As well as technological advancements, the industry will see growth in the areas of people development and a continuing focus on customer engagement in the next three years, which makes it an exciting, and vibrant industry offering many valuable career opportunities, and one which is showing continuous growth".

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