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Concert, festival ticket scams rising

Tuesday, August 26 16:29:06

Scams involving concert and festival ticket purchases are on the rise, according to the Irish Payment Services Organisation.

Online purchasers of concert, festival or sporting event tickets are advised to exercise caution at all times, but particularly if purchasing from other than a legitimate, official ticket seller.

A small number of cases have recently come to the attention of banks where individuals have sought to purchase Electric Picnic concert tickets through online fora, websites and social media sites only to find themselves with no tickets and at a loss of their money.

The victim purchases the ticket online, paying for it by means of an electronic account to account transfer. The ticket is then supposed to be posted out and, when not received, the alleged seller is not contactable.

This is not a new type of fraud but can increase with any event where tickets are in high demand or sold out and especially when tickets are selling for a high price. In the past, there have been cases involving sporting events or simply involving the online purchase of high-value items such as smart phones.

"Consumers need to exercise extreme vigilance if buying tickets or other items online when not purchasing from a recognised and reputable seller. Consumers should take steps to independently verify that the seller is the legitimate holder of a genuine ticket and that he/she intends to exchange the ticket for the fee paid. If in doubt, consumers should not proceed with the purchase," IPSO said.

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