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Crackdown on firms selling people short

Wednesday, August 27 11:58:17

The National Consumer Agency today said the first half of this year saw it secure 39 Enforcement Actions against traders and issue five Compliance Notices against Christmas Direct website.

Its Consumer Protection List records the enforcement actions taken by the Agency under the Consumer Protection Act 2007 and other consumer legislation.

In the first six months of this year it secured the 39 Enforcement Actions against traders in relation to misleading pricing and breaches of price display legislation (i.e. charging consumers more than the price displayed, failing to display product prices).

Ten compliance notices were issued to retailers nationwide by the Agency for charging more for consumer goods than the price displayed. 29 Fixed Payment Notices (on the spot fines) were issued to traders for failing to display product prices. These enforcement actions arose from visits to traders by the Agency's authorised officers.

It also secured the conviction of VK Motors Ltd (formerly trading at 258 Harold's Cross Road, Harold's Cross, Dublin) for engaging in a misleading commercial practice by providing false information in relation to a vehicle's mileage.

The compliance notices were issued in relation to the Christmas Direct website for a range of breaches of the Distance Selling Regulations. Following an investigation, the Agency served five compliance notices in June for various breaches of Distance Selling regulations including the failure to provide information to consumers in relation to their rights to cancellation and refund.

Commenting on these latest enforcement actions, Karen O'Leary, Chief Executive of the National Consumer Agency said: "The latest Consumer Protection List shows that the Agency will take enforcement action up to and including prosecution if traders do not comply with consumer law. The Agency has a range of enforcement tools available to it under legislation and our interventions are focused on the areas where we can make the greatest impact."

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