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Dublin's Ding* expands to 37 countries

Thursday, August 28 15:46:48

Dublin based, ding*, the international top-up provider founded and headed by Dubliner, Mark Roden, has announced a major expansion of its mobile operator network adding 62 operators in 37 counties.

The Irish telecoms company is now connected to over 320 mobile operators, holding on to the title of, "world's largest operator network".

Employing over 200 staff globally, ding* is positioned to be the epicentre of a global mobile payments, processing a whopping E180m a year worth of mobile payments and is reported to be in line to report USD3m in profits this year.

CEO, Mark Roden says: "This expansion means we will be making our service available to a further 566 million recipients. For eight years we have been working tirelessly to ensure our technology is reliable."

The company also hosts a booming online presence and is available in 450,000 retail outlets around the world.

Roden says: "Our service powers mobile phones in countries where cost is putting mobiles out of action. The phone is a powerful tool and has the ability to empower people in the poorest corners of the world. Adding, "that's why what we do is too important to be unreliable."

"Of course, we are delighted with the expansion, and we are making a real difference in the lives of millions people around the world - from right here in Dublin."

This expansion will introduce operators in countries such as; Vietnam, Russia, Uganda, Colombia and Yemen.

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