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Phising attacks dip but still cost E274m

Friday, August 29 12:13:44

RSA, the Security Division of EMC, the IT multinational that employs 3,200 in Ireland, reports that July saw phishing attacks decrease by 25pc on the previous month.

The 42,571 recorded attacks caused an estimated E274 million in damages to global organisations.

It found that 63pc of phishing attacks were conducted against the United States, followed by 6pc against China and 5pc against the Netherlands. 36pc of these attacks originated from computers based in the United States; 13pc in China; and 6pc in Germany. There was also an unusual 13pc spike in phishing attacks originating from Hong Kong.

According to RSA, one out of every four banking transactions identified as fraudulent was initiated from a mobile device.

Gerry Murray, Country Manager for EMC Ireland, advised consumers to "think twice before downloading new software, especially if the link to it originates in an email from an untrusted sender."

"We always advise people to trust their instincts: if you're uncertain about an email, a link on social media, or an app on a smartphone marketplace, don't click. Your bank or utilities company will never ask for your financial information, like your PIN, via email," said Mr Murray.

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