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Nephin Whiskey crowd-funding launch

Tuesday, September 02 15:22:04

Nephin Whiskey Company has raised E10,000 in just one day's fundraising on the Indiegogo crowdfunding site.

The launch allowed supporters to get their hands on the first bottles and casks from the new Co. Mayo distillery.

The company said it seems to be on course to reach its target of $150k in 30 days.

If they reach the target, the project would become the largest crowdfund ever undertaken in Ireland.

Dr. Paul Davis, managing director at Nephin Whiskey Company was delighted with the response. "It's great to have people joining the Clann and reserving the first bottles and casks from the distillery. We've been getting such an outpouring of positivity and support across all social media from people in Mayo and around the country."

Sales director, Mark Quick puts the success down to a mix of support and shrewd investment.

"People want to support the project as they know it will rejuvenate the local area and bring jobs but I'm sure there are people who are looking at this as a good investment. The casks are great value relative to the going market rate and the bottles are the first from the distillery, numbered and signed so will definitely be worth a few quid in years to come."

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