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Merrion Pharma get milestone payment

Thursday, September 04 11:44:41

Dublin's Merrion Pharmaceuticals today said that it has received a milestone payment from its partner, Novo Nordisk, after a Phase 1 clinical trial with an oral diabetes-fighting drug.

Merrion has been workin on an oral formulation of a Novo Nordisk proprietary GLP-1 analogue.

This class of compound stimulates the release of insulin in appropriate diabetic subjects, and is currently administered by injection. Merrion Pharmaceuticals' proprietary GIPET technology was incorporated in the formulation in order to enhance the oral bioavailability of the drug.

The aim of the trial was to investigate the safety, tolerance and pharmacokinetics (exposure of drug), of the GLP-1 analogue NN9928.

Under the terms of the 2009 license agreement, Merrion Pharmaceuticals receives payments on the achievement of certain development, regulatory and sales milestones, as well as royalties on sales.

Merrion Pharmaceuticals' Chief Executive, Dr. John Fox said: "Our partnership with Novo Nordisk is part of the research undertaken globally into improving the treatment of diabetes, which the World Health Organisation calculates affects 171 million people worldwide, a number estimated to more than double by 2030. We are very pleased with this outcome and that Merrion Pharmaceuticals' technology continues to support the commitment of Novo Nordisk to the development of an oral route of administration for those in need of this class of therapy."

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