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Nearly one quarter of Munster based jobseekers have applied for jobs overseas

Written by Robert McHugh, on 29th Mar 2019. Posted in Ireland

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Nearly one quarter of Munster-based jobseekers are currently applying for positions overseas. Of this number, 41% are applying for jobs in the UK.

This is according to a new survey conducted by Jobs Expo Cork, Munster’s largest jobs and careers event, which is taking place on Saturday 30th in the Clayton Hotel, Silver Springs.

The survey also reveals that while 64% are actively looking for work in Cork, 14% of job seekers are looking for work anywhere in Ireland and 4% are seeking for jobs in Dublin.

Of the recorded jobseekers attending the Jobs Expo Cork event, 46% are employed but seeking a new position while 0.5% are actively looking to move outside the country to work. The individuals hail from a variety of backgrounds - 14% from Science/Engineering/Medtech, 13% from IT, 6% from the Banking/Financial sectors, 4% from Healthcare, and this year also sees a spike in attendees from the Hospitality sector, up from 5% to 12%.

While people from Ireland make up 70% of responders, the number of jobseekers who hail from elsewhere in the EU has risen by 8%, and presently makes up 27% of the total respondents.

Forty five percent of people are concerned about their children’s future employment prospects due to the past recession years and the continuing economic uncertainty with Brexit. Eighty three percent of the jobseekers believe Brexit will have an adverse effect on Ireland’s economy and 73% feel that the Government hasn’t prepared properly for the outcome.

Nineteen percent said they would consider moving in the future. The 67% who said they would be considering relocating, cited employment as the main reason.

In addition, the research found that:
47% of people believe that working conditions in Ireland are getting better
42% believe the economy is approving
45% of people are concerned about their children’s prospects
51% of people believe they had been offered a fair salary for their last job offer
61% of respondents have considered changing careers

Jobs Expo Cork will feature some of the largest employers in Ireland and showcase hundreds of active job opportunities. It is a free event that will be of interest to anyone looking to meet leading employers in the region.

Commenting on the event, Kevin Branigan from Jobs Expo says, "At this time of year, people are thinking about new employment options and the purpose of an event like Jobs Expo Cork is to locate all of this information in one convenient location. Anyone attending will have the chance to chat directly with leading employers in the region and find out all the information they need to ensure that they find the role that suits their requirements."

Source: www.businessworld.ie

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