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3 ways a spring clean supercharges your business

Written by Contributor, on 5th Mar 2019. Posted in General

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Now that winter’s on its way out and the collective sap is rising, millions of us are flexing our feather dusters in preparation for the traditional spring clean.

And for business, a deep clean that includes revamping the physical environment and ramping up employee health as well as removing dirt and detritus can be deeply cathartic and benefit the bottom line.

If you’re ready for a refreshing outlook, here are five ways a spring clean supercharges your business.

Office layout

Randomly rearranging office seating plans for no apparent reason won’t win you any friends amongst employees.

But radically rethinking your office layout might have a transformative effect on health and performance.

According to corporate commentator Geoffrey James, open-plan offices might be the worst possible pick. They make it hard to avoid bad bosses, spread coughs and colds, make introverted workers anxious and encourage endless multi-tasking — which inhibits mental focus and memory.

So what’s a superior design?

Cubicle farms might make us feel boxed like battery chickens, but at least there’s some provision for private space.

However, the ideal solution might be the Eudaimonia Machine — a layout with separate areas specifically designed for meetings, focused solo work and collaborative brain-storming.

Mental cobwebs

It’s a no-brainer that healthy workers tend to be more productive and stick around longer — so reducing stress and anxiety through physical and mental wellbeing campaigns is another central part of a corporate spring clean.

Office meditation training from mindfulness guru Joanne O’Malley is one excellent option. She’ll deliver programs that teach managers and frontline workers how to modify the emotional weather patterns which make the difference between a nurturing, energized environment and one that’s tired and toxic.

When it comes to encouraging physical health, discounted gym membership and healthy cooking clubs are good options, but establishing an informal lunchtime running group is also great — staff of different levels seeing each other in spandex has superb ice-breaking benefits.

Whatever wellbeing package you promote, positioned properly, it can enhance engagement and foster a ‘one team’ approach.

Tidying up

Tidying gurus like Marie Kondo have transformed keeping spick and span into a way of life.

And apart from stopping the spread of the millions of bacteria that breed like miniscule rabbits in everything from manky cups to dusty keyboards, encouraging employees to implement a clear desk policy should help them feel more organised, efficient and in control of every aspect of work.

And finally, simple steps can ensure shared areas are always sparkling, so spruce up reception with a shoe-scuffer from workplace mat manufacturer Kleen-Tex and invest in a few plants to introduce an airy and organic ambiance.

Follow this 3-step spring clean and your business might have a more sparkling performance in the upcoming financial year.

That’s our list. Share your own business spring clean tips in the comments section.

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