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5 Key Points for Your Landing Page

Written by Sim Pinder, on 23rd Jun 2016. Posted in General

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Directing business to your site is the most important thing you can do online.  Whether you direct potential customers to your home page or a specific page on your site, your ‘landing page’ needs to be coherent, customer focused and commercial.

Business World supports a broad range of clients across numerous diverse sectors; retail finance, banking, FMCG, regulatory authorities and many more. We support these clients with various written content; blogs, news feed and editorials from our content creation Dublin base.

Driving people towards your landing page is fundamental to pushing your online offering, Business World have collated some tips to boost your landing page.

5 Key Landing Page Tips

The landing page is often the most important page on your website and as such should be the best that your budget / time can afford.

In a bid to help you get the best from your site Business World has compiled a list of 5 key landing page points to drive your online presence:

1. Your landing page should be the page that your blogs, social media and sales pitches lead to. It doesn’t necessarily need to be your home page; many landing pages are elsewhere on a website and are specifically used for conversion.

2. Keep the landing page uncluttered and focused, what are you trying to sell? What services do you provide? Make sure whatever you are offering is front and centre.

3. Content needs to be king; there are some great content marketing companies that can help you improve your written content – Business World for example! Your written content should match the tone of your products / customers.

4. A good opening offer – every one offers free trials or consultations; what can you offer a potential client that will induce them to take on your service or buy from you? How do you go beyond your competitor?

5. Large number of leads or fewer more high quality leads – pitch your landing page at the right level of engagement. Don’t ask for a stack of information in the first instance if it’s not necessary. A major turn off for the casual visitor is long forms to fill out. Requesting a name and an email address is usually enough if you are to include a contact box.

Think Business World, Think Content Creation Dublin

Supporting some of the biggest names in the Financial sector; Insurance, Fin-Tech, state regulators and well known High St. banks, Business World are at the forefront of content creation, content marketing and written content services across Dublin / Ireland.

We are adept at creating the content that you need, whether for a landing page, email shots, bespoke newsfeeds or any other written content that you could need.

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