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5 fire safety tips to keep your business thriving

Written by Contributor, on 20th Mar 2017. Posted in General

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What was it that had you heading straight to the pub for a well-deserved glass of wine and a good rant after work today?

A difficult client? Frustrating computer problems? The longest, most mind-numbing eight hours of office drudgery ever?

No matter how bad you think you have it right now, it’s nothing compared to the nightmare you’ll find yourself having to deal with if your business succumbs to a fire.

Even if no one is harmed, you’ll still have to face the financial consequences that follow – and since an estimated 60 per cent of businesses never recover from a fire, it’s not exactly going to be a walk in the park.

To help you avoid that stress, we’re sharing five fire safety tips to get your workplace fighting fit. Take a look.

#1: undergo a fire risk assessment

You’re legally required to regularly do fire risk assessments of your commercial property, and keep a written record of these reviews. But don’t just view it as yet another chore.

This is your chance to identify potential hazards, address the issues raised and generally keep an eye on the safety of your office. So take your time and do them properly.

#2: create an emergency exit plan

Once you’ve finished with the fire risk assessment, use your findings to create a comprehensive emergency exit plan. Include escape routes and instructions on what to do once an alarm sounds, assigning key responsibilities and roles to suitable staff members.

And don’t forget to display your Fire Action Notice and Extinguisher ID signs so that they’re clearly visible.  

#3: update your alarm system

An effective early detection and warning system will prevent any minor incidents from developing into a full-blown disaster.

If your alarm system has been in place since before you took over the building, it could probably do with an update. Go for the best option you can afford and, once it’s installed, make sure your staff know about the change.

#4: install protective measures

No matter how hard you attempt to limit risks, accidents can still happen. Prepare for the worst by installing protective measures. Durasteel offers a full range of systems, from general fire-proofing to blast protection, designed to slow the spread of flames and keep damage to a minimum.

It won’t be cheap, but it’s worth it for the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ve done everything you can to keep your employees and business safe.

#5: train staff to take fire safety seriously

There’s no point putting all your time, effort and money into protective measures unless you also give employees intensive training on fire safety procedures.

Part of this involves helping staff learn good housekeeping habits, like switching off unused electrical equipment and keeping emergency escape routes clear, alongside teaching everyone the specific steps and actions they need to take when an alarm sounds.

We know it’s tempting to assume it’ll never happen to you, but by failing to give fire safety proper care you’re putting your employees and business on the line. Follow our five tips and, hopefully, it’ll be a nightmare you’ll never have to deal with. 

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