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7 Ways How Trade Shows Can Boost Your Marketing Campaig

Written by Contributor, on 26th Feb 2020. Edited on 28th Feb 2020 Posted in General

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Trade shows are an effective channel to generate new business. Even as businesses move most of their marketing strategies online, trade shows are highly appealing. According to the CEIR (the Centre for Exhibition Industry Research), about 81% of trade show visitors have purchase authority. Also, according to Facetime.org, the perception of a brand that doesn't attend an event falls by about 5%. Here's a list of 7 ways how trade shows can boost your marketing campaign and help you achieve mind-blowing ROI.

Attend the Right Trade Show

To achieve the best ROI, you must choose the right trade shows to attend. Research to identify which trade show addresses your target audience. You can ask your customers what trade shows they visited the year before. Make the right arrangements by studying your customers. Also, ask the organizers about the expected number of participants and their demographics. And find out how the event will be promoted, check the location of the show, look at exhibit pop up stands, and know who is exhibiting and expected traffic.

Tapping into a New Network

Advancements in telecommunications and technology allow for contract deals and businesses to be signed and agreed over the phone. This is exclusively possible through networking. Trade shows allow you to meet business experts to improve your brand exposure. You can discuss innovative business ideas with industry leaders and offer your help and business expertise in return. In turn, this will lead to a partnership, which improves your brand and boosts sales and market share.

Access to a Captive Audience

Trade shows improve your brand's exposure to thousands of prospects. Attendees are interested in purchasing and comparing services and products, comparing prices and selecting contractors. People attend trade shows to find innovative ideas and solutions to their problems. About 91% of respondents to a study performed by the Simmons Market Research Bureau, considered trade shows highly useful as a source for product acquisition information. It's an opportunity for your business to reach a wide audience. You have access to more people than you can visit or call in a single day, even with a large sales team. The costs of attending a trade show are a fraction of what it would cost to employ an extensive sales team.

Improving Brand Awareness

Organizations and business owners always search for new methods to grow their business and improve brand awareness. At trade shows, you can advertise your products and services and get your brand in front of your target audience. This will increase sales and grow your market share. Remember to use branded equipment so prospects and existing customers can recognize you.

Use Innovative Display to Highlight Your Products

People attend trade shows to discover and see new products. You can display new services and products to people who have buying power. Use banners, large graphics, and product demos to highlight new products. Use tower displays and hanging signs to increase visibility. You can also install them onto your booth structure for a unique perspective. Make an impact, which your target audience can focus on. Turn your booth into a set developed around the theme of your services and products.

Understand Your Target Consumers

A trade show helps you understand how to showcase your product to make it more attractive to your target audience. You can learn insights, which your business requires to stay ahead of the game in a changing business environment. The best way to increase sales and receive the recognition you need is to create a niche.

Dynamic Follow Up

To stay ahead of competitors, you must captivate and follow up on additional leads. Most exhibitors don't have a plan or process to follow up on leads. According to Exhibitor magazine, only 28% of exhibitors measure and report how many leads convert to customers. The main key to increasing your trade show ROI is the ability to track it. Plan what to do with the business cards you receive. Choose the ones which represent top-quality leads when you receive them and organize them with a digital system. A digitalized prospect capture system will help you customize and work with the information you gather. Ask the trade show visitors to introduce their details into the system and offer them a freebie. This way, your sales team can track and follow up with trade show leads.


Trade shows and exhibits are a productive branding and sales opportunity. To implement a successful exhibit marketing strategy, you must thoroughly research the event. Make sure the trade show addresses your prospects so you can attract your target audience. Thanks to increased exposure, you'll increase your brand awareness level. A trade show also allows you to find out more about your competition and any innovations in your industry. It's also a reliable source for product acquisition data. Follow up with top-quality leads to increase your conversions. With an active and dynamic approach, your trade show attendance will help you achieve unbeatable ROI.

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