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Assisting Students in the Era of Online Learning

Written by Contributor, on 10th Feb 2021. Posted in General

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Online learning is nothing new; it has been a trend that has grown over the past decade. However, it has never seen growth quite like the past year. As the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, children of all ages were forced to embrace online learning rather quickly and make a smooth transition. Of course, that has been easier said than done for some, as not every child has automatically taken to the concept of online learning. This has left parents wondering what they can do to make schooling more seamless and easier on the kids.

If you’re a parent of a child - no matter the age - and they are struggling to adjust to the era of online learning, here are some tips you can use to help make things easier for them.

Be Available and Present to Help

This tip is going to vary depending on your child's age, as the younger they are, the more help they will likely require. Knowing this, it’s important to be present and available to help them, whether that be with the school work itself or even with tech issues they may encounter.

Create an Environment that is Conducive to Learning

You will also want to ensure that you’ve set up a spot in the house for them that is conducive to learning. This means it is a comfortable workspace with a desk or table, a comfortable chair, ample lighting, and no distractions. If you have multiple kids in the house who are learning online at the same time, they will need to be in different rooms so as not to distract each other.

Ensure They Have the Proper Tech for Online Learning

Without the proper tech tools, it's very difficult for kids to excel at online learning. This means they need a desktop or laptop, reliable and fast internet, a microphone (often built into the computer), and good quality noise-cancelling headphones. Don’t forget they will also need the typical school supplies like pencils/pens, paper, notebooks, calculator, and so forth.

Use Practice Tests as Extra Help

Another tip is to utilise practice tests and online courses to help them prepare, expand their knowledge, and build their confidence. Practice tests and online courses can be used in a variety of topics and make a huge difference for kids that are struggling. As the saying goes – practice makes perfect, so any extra help will be beneficial.

Breaks Will be Necessary

Keep in mind that your child will also need to take frequent breaks. Staring at the screen for long periods at a time is not only hard on the eyes, but it’s going to make them lose focus and interest. Taking small breaks on a regular basis will help to keep them engaged and benefit their work in the long-run.

During break time, encourage them to have something to drink, a snack, get up and stretch their legs, and walk away from the screen so that it is a true break.

Acknowledge the Great Job They Are Doing

The final tip is to basically be their cheerleading squad, giving them encouragement and acknowledging just how great of a job they are doing. Everyone can benefit from a pep talk here and there, and your child is no exception. These are difficult times; they are being thrown into a situation they aren’t familiar and necessarily comfortable with, so be sure to let them know how well they are doing.

Finding ways to assist your child in the era of online learning will not only make the process smoother and more enjoyable, but it will also bring about positive results in terms of their grades and their understanding of the course material.

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