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Written by John Compton, on 24th Jun 2016. Edited on 29th Jun 2016 Posted in General

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Beauty World is a lifestyle spin off from Business World. We write articles and blog posts for the fashion and beauty industry.

With a variety of journalists and marketers housed under one roof, we are able to supply good quality articles covering a range of topics, while optimising the article for SEO so it will improve your search engine rankings.

Content Services

Most people don’t have the time or energy to sit down and write about their company / brand three times a week, so that is where Beauty World comes in – we will do it for you.

We have great industry insight, from time served writers, marketers and lifestyle industry thought leaders.

We can write the articles for you which can then be posted across your website / social media platforms driving customers to your landing page.

Key points for business blogging

Key points to think about when blog writing for your company or brand: 

1. Content must be relevant and key to your product or brand, keep it on point and link it back to your landing page;  stay focused on the subject matter.

2. Be passionate and clear in your writing - KISS (keep it simple stupid). You may be an authority on the subject but not all your readers will be, so let everyone understand.

3. Understand your subject matter and be ready to be questioned, ask friends and colleagues their opinion on your article – it’s good to get a second opinion. 

4. Images must portray the story! Make sure the imagery you choose goes with and suits the story, this will make it more meaningful and therefore more interesting to read.

5. Blog regularly and make sure you repost on your social media platforms / networks so you can get them shared by others. Give people a reason to keep reading your posts, so they will want to repost them on their own platforms.

Get new content on your site!

It is crucial to get new content on your site, either yourself or through a content creation service provider such as Business World.

So why am we giving you all the pointers and tips when we are selling content services?

The reason is that you may understand some of them, but will you be able to implement all of them?

Time factors and the ability to write a great SEO optimised content may be a challenge – one or both of these factors you may not have, but we do!

Contact us here to get a quote for your next blog post.

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