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Best Options Trading Platforms

Written by Contributor, on 18th Jun 2021. Posted in General

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Options trading provide substantially bigger profit margins for online brokers than stocks, and as a result, competition for these clients is intense. This sort of market environment is beneficial to traders because it promotes product innovation via healthy competition. Every broker wants to be the greatest option trading platform.

If you’re looking for the best options trading platform UK, you'll need a brokerage account that satisfies your unique needs. Because each platform is different and has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, it's essential to know what you want before signing up with a broker.

Learn more about the top options trading platforms to see which one is suitable for your requirements.


Tastyworks is a high-tech brokerage service that provides options traders with tools to assess and execute trades fast. It provides desktop, browser, and mobile trading platforms, all of which have identical functionality. It also features unique capabilities, like rapid rolls for options positions and rapid order modifications that may help you make trading choices on the fly. You may also watch videos of tastyworks traders making options trades, debating strategy, and exchanging information on the website.


Etrade is one of the first online brokerage companies, and it provides a fantastic overall options trading experience. When active traders make at least 30 trades each quarter, they get a 50-cent per contract pricing on stock or ETF options, or 65 cents per contract for less frequent trades. When you close a stock option valued at 10 cents or less, Etrade doesn't charge you anything.

Etrade's platform, which contains comprehensive analytic tools, charting, risk analysis, and other features crucial to option traders, is the main attraction. Advanced options techniques such as butterflies, condors, iron butterflies and iron condors, naked puts, and naked calls are supported by Etrade, however access to these riskier methods requires authorisation. Etrade is a good alternative for options traders since it offers dedicated options trader assistance, good tools, and competitive pricing for active traders.


Webull is a newer financial platform that does not impose any fees for stock, ETF, or option trading, including options base and contract costs. On Webull, the majority of option trading activity is free.

Short sales, margin trading, sophisticated data feeds, and certain modest fees paid by regulators are the only expenses you'll likely encounter at Webull, regardless of where you trade. You might be able to get by without paying anything at all if you engage in regular options trading activity.

For the most active traders, Webull provides online, mobile, and desktop platforms. If you trade frequently, the savings you'll gain from Webull may be enough to justify switching. Webull may give substantial new customer incentives in the form of free goods when you establish an account for the first time.

Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers is a leading option trading company for advanced and aggressive traders. Despite the fact that it offers professional-level accounts, Interactive Brokers can meet the demands of even those of us who do not handle a lot of money.

The IBKR Lite account, which features free stock and ETF trading and no basic cost for options trading, may be the best solution for most DIY investors and traders. Option price in IBKR Lite is fixed. IBKR Pro is a good option for high-volume traders. The Pro tier offers you access to tiered or fixed pricing choices, as well as extended trading hours.

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