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Brexit blues and bonuses for 3 Brit business sectors

Written by Contributor, on 4th Feb 2019. Posted in General

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As Theresa May continues to sip from European politics’ most potent poison chalice and EU negotiators meet every alternation and amendment with the continental cold shoulder, a no-deal Brexit is looking increasingly likely.

The implications for Ireland, the UK and the rest of the international community are massive and manifold, but particularly concerning for British businesses.

It might not all be bad news though — here are some Brexit blues and bonuses for three Brit business sectors.

1. Haulage and logistics

According to a recent report in The Independent, concerns around potential post-Brexit queues at busy ports like Dover have been compounded by reports that EU haulage permits could be allocated in a lottery-style system where supply won’t meet demand.

Another problem is recruitment — UK haulage is currently short of 45,000 drivers, and anecdotal evidence suggests that some of those previously recruited from eastern Europe have returned home, while others no longer see the UK as an attractive employment option.

But logistics giant Eddy Stobart apparently feels confident despite these challenges — with chief executive Alex Laffey telling the Financial Times that the firm had witnessed no impact on driver availability in the six months to May 31st 2018 and that, since only 2 per cent of company revenues are generated from channel crossings, any Brexit impact would be minimal.

2. Retail

‘Stockpiling’ is the buzzword being bandied about in many British industries in this strained business environment — with predicted shortages in everything from essential medications to seasonal fruit and vegetables.

And thanks to the foresight of furry friend store Pets at Home, it seems that UK dogs, cats and hamsters won’t suffer.

News outlets like Sky and the BBC announced that the popular brand is boosting stockpiles by £8 million — since a significant share of its goods arrive from outwith the UK, chief executive Peter Pritchard is attempting to provide peace of mind by assuring pet owners that they won’t run out of food for their animals.

3. Trade contractors

Many specialists trade contractors rely on trusted reputations supported by relevant accreditations and transparent compliance policies that fill clients with confidence.

For example, an electrical service like CJ Connally proudly displays a range of hard-earned accreditations on its home page and ensures compliance regimes are suitably stringent for domestic and international operations.

And while some tradespeople have expressed fears over issues like Brexit invalidating ISO certifications, the good news is that the British Standards Institute has stated that withdrawal from the EU won’t affect ISO standards — they’ll remain relevant and valid for European clients and collaborators as well as those from further afield.

These are just three examples of the Brexit blues and bonuses Brit businesses are experiencing — but with the 28th May withdrawal date approaching fast, hopes of a smooth transition are still riding on a wing and a prayer.

Will your business be affected by Brexit? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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