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Build a rapport with your customers

Written by Sim Pinder, on 7th Jun 2016. Posted in General

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Truly engaging with customers or potential customers is often key to driving your business forward.

Here at Business World we have a successful track record of supporting our clients with SEO rich content on their websites and online platforms.

Well produced written content is the most tried and tested way of getting your message across to the customer.

Engagement drives sales!

When we talk about engagement with customers it is best to offer the broadest relevant channels at your disposal;

Blogs – Offering well written blogs about the subjects that you know most– your business and business area - is a great way of letting both customers and potential customers know about your products, services and expertise.

Here at Business World we offer content creation services which includes blogs, news feeds, articles etc. so we tend to write blogs that offer an opinion on the content creation sectors, mixed in with any other interesting relevant topics that come up.

News Feeds – Again blowing our own trumpet, as Business World supplies News Feeds to many of our clients – having a news feed that is tailored to your business sector or the interests of your customers can be a really innovative, unique way, of gaining exposure.

A professional News Feed can offer a truly authoritative feature to your home page and is something that is well worth considering.

Articles / Editorials – Writing authoratively about a subject relevant to your business in the form of an article or editorial is a useful exercise for any company. Sharing business insights and inside knowledge is a great way to keep people coming back to your site.

Updating your website regularly is also a great way to advertise your products and keep your customers informed. This can be done by adding content via Articles / Editorials, not solely by generic product updates.

Social media tie-ups

It is crucial that any written content added to your website (Blogs / News-feeds / Articles) is shared across your social media platforms.

Depending on your business area the key social media platforms according to our previous Business World blog, are Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.

So make sure that you post all new content across your social media platforms; follow best practice rules for each platform and don’t leave gaps of days/months between posts!

Business World

Business World is the go-to company for bespoke written content in Ireland.

We offer multiple written content services to a broad range of clients. Our content is thought driven, SEO rich, unique and will support your corporate message / corporate identity.

We can help you get your message out there. Get in touch today so we can show you what we do.

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