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Content Marketing for leading Businesses

Written by Sim Pinder, on 17th Jun 2016. Posted in General

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Fundamental to any business’s online content is content marketing i.e. the production of well written, regularly updated, information with the aim of ultimately increasing sales opportunities.

Business World is a Dublin based content marketing company, supplying SEO rich written content for a broad range of clients.

Many companies today use content creation companies to assist in content marketing. Having professional marketers create content bespoke for your company is a simple and cost effective way of maximising your online offering.

Strong Content

Publishing strong customer focused content marketing shows any website visitor that your company understands the needs of the customer. This will drive sales.

In addition to looking great a strong, coherent, content marketing strategy can also contribute significantly to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). By providing regularly updated blogs, news posts and articles. Search engine crawlers will react positively and push your website up the ranking pages.

What content?

Your online marketing content needs two fundamental aspects to succeed:

• Well written ‘valuable’ content – The content marketing sector has evolved from ‘keyword stuffing’ i.e. purely producing written content that is a vehicle for keywords. Any content marketing needs to be organically written and offer value to a reader – i.e. be of some interest or offer an insight -essentially be well written!

• Keywords – Ok, so avoid keyword stuffing but do remember to include relevant search terms in your regularly updated content. If you’re going to the effort of writing material you may as well use that content to get noticed by search engines – just don’t overdo it – ‘no to stuffing!’

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is increasingly seen as a positive way of advertising products, services and information. Thoughtful, interesting copy is increasingly seen as an alternative to pure advertising.

Pick a topic that you fundamentally understand and that relates to your primary areas of business. Then write some good content marketing that incorporates what your business sells.

Get that great content out there, engage with customers and you will see the benefits on your bottom line!

Content marketing, the basis of inbound marketing IS the new alternative to traditional marketing.

Business World

Business World provides extensive content marketing solutions across blogs, newsfeeds, articles and editorials. This is alongside any other written content needs - website revamps, social media updates, press releases.

We are Ireland's Leading Business News Creators - We create SEO rich content that your audience wants, driving business directly to you.

Get in touch to day to solve your written content needs -Click here for a review of your Content Marketing and a Social Media Analysis free of charge.

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