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Fit for Purpose: Tips for Designing the Perfect Warehouse Storage Solution

Written by Contributor, on 5th Sep 2017. Posted in General

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If you run a business and have to keep stock you will need to have a storage facility that manages to be efficient, functional, and safe for everyone who is going to be using that facility.

If you are going to achieve those aims it all starts with the design process.

Here is a look at some of the key points to consider when designing the perfect warehouse storage solution for your business, including an insight into why a generic approach won’t work, key layout considerations, and why it pays to concentrate on your worker’s needs.

Not all warehouses are equal

You could describe most warehouse facilities as equal in terms of what their primary purpose is but beyond the basic requirement of providing a storage option for your stock each facility needs to be adapted to meet your specific needs.

One of your first tasks in the design process is to get a good understanding of the characteristics as well as the size of the goods you'll store in the warehouse.

The characteristics are integral to the layout as you can’t hope to build something that is fit for purpose without having a clear idea of things like the number of units being stored, what sort of weight and dimensions these items and other major considerations that heavily influence the required layout.

Visualize using the warehouse

Once you have an idea of what kind of goods you will be holding your attention needs to turn to the dimensions and the unique physical characteristics of the warehouse infrastructure you are working with.

Think about how you will be distributing the various goods around the warehouse and how you can get everything to flow as best as possible from picking to packing and be aware of any limitations like raised floors and columns that need to be accounted for.

Getting a clear idea of the sort of storage containers and lifting equipment you may need to use can help to give you a clearer picture of what sort of layout is going to work best.

Getting on with their job

If when you have managed to create the blueprint for a successful warehouse layout that seems to tick all of the right boxes the only way it is all going to work as planned is if the working staff within the warehouse are also given due consideration.

It could be argued that warehouse workers are the key asset to consider in your facility as they will be the ones who can make or break your supply chain efficiency levels.

Work out how automation and human intervention can interact successfully and make sure that regulations and safety rules are also at the top of your agenda so that warehouse staff can be allowed to get on with their job as quickly, safely, and efficiently as possible.

If you consider these key points in your design process you stand a better chance of creating a warehouse facility that improves and enhances the flow your business activities.


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