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Helping The International Economy One Lottery Ticket at a Time

Written by Contributor, on 5th Jul 2019. Posted in General

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Like many corporations, the world of gambling has changed drastically in the past few decades. Like other business-giants, gambling has grown and is now a worldwide business. Most forms of gambling are legal and recognized in the majority of 1st. world countries.

Financial concerns

The two main concerns voiced by family and friends of those who go to brick and mortar casinos are:

They never know when to quit and always spend money they cannot afford.

Sooner or later people will find out about their gambling addiction and start gossiping.

In the past decade, especially in the past 10-15 years, brick and mortar casinos have provided more jobs, more tax revenue, and than any other industry. Suddenly, this began to slow in 2010 and has continued to decline.

It has been suggested that being able to play your favorite games online, with the same experience has lured customers to their home computer.


During all this research, one thing was very clear. The only form of gambling that is recession proof is the lottery. You can bet on your favorite international lottery with the same odds, same payouts, and without affecting the economy. This makes people feel better and with the large jackpots, it is guaranteed lottery sales will not go anywhere.

Playing international games online

There are games that help the economy of the location you are playing. In some places, as much as 25% of every dollar you pay to place a bet goes directly to the government. Different countries have different rules on paying out, and taxes for out of the country winners. It is important that you read extensively about the country you wish to play in.

Lottery betting is easy to play and there are almost always big bucks (we are talking multi-millions and more) in the jackpot. But more importantly, your odds of winning the lottery are better than any other kind of gambling you can play at a casino. Let that sink in for a moment. Harvard Professor, Dr. Mark Glickman, explained to CNBC News. If you want to improve your odds, you will not do that by buying a ticket every week. You will increase your odds by buying more than one at a time. This is a great incentive to bet on your favourite international lottery.

Top 5 International Lotteries

It is hard to know how many lotteries there are around the world. We have looked at the numbers. We have studied the winnings and the laws and the way the lotteries were classified in an effort to determine the “best” lotteries. We ended up rating the lotteries that are popular.

You see, there will always be people who support lotteries in their country as the best there is, without consideration of any other lotteries. There are people who follow the money. The lottery that has the largest jackpot due to past unclaimed jackpots is their favorite.

1. Powerball - USA

We think everyone is in agreement that the US Powerball is the number 1 lottery giant in the industry. Since a law change in 2015, the jackpots have grown to amazing size, growing over 1.5 Billion dollars. People rush to get in on this.

2.  Mega Millions - USA

The second lottery on our list is another lotto from the United States and for the same reason. A lot of people rushed to get in on the Mega Million game before Powerball’s jackpot took off. Before that, mega millions jackpot went in the hundreds of millions more than a couple of times. Many of those players held fast to their love of the game and refuse to give up their passion for the game.

3. Euro Millions - Europe

This is by far the biggest and most popular lotteries in Europe. It multinational and hosted by 13 European countries. This lottery is full of surprises. It awards some of the largest jackpots in Europe. It can grow as large and 190 million Euros. Sometimes they hold super draws where the jackpot is increased by 100 million Euros. It doesn’t matter how high the jackpot is, the super draws are prearranged by calendar date and the money will be added and it will be 100 million Euros.

4. Euro Jackpot - Europe

People call this the little brother of Euro Millions. Several countries participate in this lotto too. What is surprising is this lotto is becoming more popular than the Euro Millions. The reason is, this lotto grows, often reaching a maximum of 90 million. People have more faith that they will be a lucky winner.

5. SuperEnaLotto - Italy

This lotto is very popular but it grows slowly. But, it does grow and the fans of the lottery are fans for life. It is not just Italians that like this choice, it is the choice of many big-name celebrities like, George Clooney and Paris Hilton.

Play with caution

Most people can play the lottery on a regular basis, enjoy it, and wait until the next time to play again. But, some people get an immediate high. They see money and they feel excited. In just a few games they are hooked.

The gambling associations are not about ruining lives. They want you to have a good time. They want to make some money and they want you to be the lucky winner. But, they do not want their game of chance to cost you everything. That is why they urge you to be careful. If you think you are liking gambling a bit too much, talk to someone. If you do not know who to talk to, speak to your doctor.

A quick internet search will find a local organization who can help you if you find you need support. However, there is a single organization that can help you anywhere in the world. They can help with addiction, illness, depression, and medical problems. Click here for a link to World Health Organizations.

This is an exciting year for adults who enjoy the lottery. Lawmakers will be watching and we can watch for new laws being relaxed in the future.

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