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How Small Fashion Brands Are Gaining a Competitive Edge in the Industry

Written by Contributor, on 2nd Jan 2020. Posted in General

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The fashion industry is probably one of the most competitive ones out there. But, while big brands seem to be dominating the scene and grabbing the attention of the everyday consumer, there’s an increasing number of small fashion brands that are gaining a competitive edge. These brands are successfully fighting for their share of the market and slowly but steadily leaving a significant impact on the industry’s evolution.

Let’s explore how they are doing it and what makes them stand out.

They establish honest and meaningful relationships with their customers

The one thing large fashion brands can’t claim to be doing all that well is forging honest and deep relationships with their customers. After all, how could they, when their customers are numbered in the millions or hundreds of thousands.

What a smaller brand can afford to do is get to know their buyers better: what kinds of styles they like, what sizes they’re looking for, what occasions they shop for, what colors suit them best, and so on. With this kind of insight, they’re able to market themselves accordingly.

As we all prefer to shop where we’ve had pleasant experiences, this level of personalization is certainly an edge to contend with.

They put on more creative fashion shows and pop-ups

While a large brand is usually showcased on the runway, a small brand has unlimited resources to be creative and do something unique, memorable, and even experimental.

Pop-up shops and impromptu flash mob fashion shows are much better suited to a smaller indie brand than a large high-street store. And shoppers love seeing a different approach to street fashion and modeling.

For example, a smaller brand might set up a variety of male mannequins to line a high-traffic street near their headquarters, directing passersby to their new line. Not something a large corporation will be often seen doing.

They can afford to be more niche

While a large brand is often conditioned to appeal to larger market segments and they aim to make more sales with each quarter, they’re not always varied enough for the shopper with a more unique and individualistic taste.

For all of those looking to wear something different and something they’re not likely to spot on a person walking down the same street, smaller fashion brands provide the perfect solution.

With a limited number of pieces, and often with much more variety and creativity at their disposal, these brands can offer products no one else is likely to match. In a time of fast fashion and cheap mass production, this is an incredible advantage.

They can honestly say social media is their ally

Instagram is truly the best friend and ally of a smaller fashion brand. It offers affordable advertising options that can reach precisely the kinds of customers they’re looking for, and as online shopping becomes more and more popular, this saves them the need to have their own brick-and-mortar store.

This significantly cuts down on the cost of running a business, making it much easier to invest in better materials and the actual craftsmanship of their pieces.

Social media is becoming the perfect tool at the disposal of creatives and those just starting out in the industry, enabling them to form active virtual hubs to promote their products and brand across multiple channels, with as little effort as possible.

Final thoughts

The world of fashion has always been the home of those more creative, more out there, and those ready to dream bigger and be more daring than others. While it’s true that larger brands are often focused on other aspects of running a business, smaller brands have the luxury of focusing on the craft and on the customer. This makes them the preferred choice of many modern consumers looking to express themselves through their style.

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