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How can you gain more customers for your local business?

Written by Contributor, on 6th Dec 2022. Posted in General

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Beginnings are always problematic and challenging. When you own a business, things get even more complicated because you must think about everything. You must research the market to see if your product is what people need and want. On the other hand, people have to know your work and value your business.

How can you do all these things without having burnout or regretting your idea? Start by reading our top five ideas you can implement now and start seeing fast results.

Create an app for your website

Irish people spend more time on their phones than on laptops. It would help if you considered hiring a specialist and putting your idea into a mobile-friendly app. You can make a simple website with little money if you’re not ready to invest in creating an app.

Take, for example, online casinos. Gambling establishments make millions because they understand the importance of being present on multiple devices and giving alternatives. Most of them have properly updated websites for mobile usage and dedicated apps.

Social media

The online world includes social media platforms. You can first have a strong presence on only one or two channels. Offer quality content and posts where customers can engage in discussions. Find out which platform your audience spends more time on, and start there.

You already know that everyone loves free objects and discounted services. The catch is to give the same promotion to everyone. You can use a coupon with a percentage discount or provide free shipping. Don’t forget to announce the period and the specific rule you want people to follow.

It will help your business if you don’t do discounts often. This way, your service doesn’t look cheap, and the potential customers will understand that it is high-quality.

Think about any famous perfume brand. The company that owns it does not reveal monthly discounts to the general public. It will make exceptions from time to time for old and loyal customers. And you can reward your loyal customers when you have a niche.


Giveaways are a simple and engaging way to become popular. The best way is to invest in an advertisement on the chosen social media platform and make simple rules. You don’t have to be extra and give too many products, but just enough to have a minimum of 50 registrations.

List your business on local directories

Last decades, people have been using the Golden Pages book to find what they needed. Nowadays, they use Google, Bing, and newspapers. Some Irish people still use Golden Pages, but they prefer the internet version. 

You can find multiple websites, local newspapers, and physical places to add your business’s short description and contact information. These services usually don’t charge much and work like magic.

Flyers and prints

Another cheap, practical idea is to print some flyers with essential information and give them to people on the street. You can add a promotion on the flyer to increase your chances of gaining customers.

For example, many restaurants make prints with their menus and a bonus of 5-10% discount. You get the offer if you keep the paper and go to their restaurant. 

To create your prints, you can use free online programs such as Canva, Photopea, and PicMonkey, and save a few dollars. If you don’t have time to create them, you can search freelancing websites and pay a professional to do the job.

Collaborate with other local businesses and influencers

You can come up with novel collaborations with non-competitive local brands. This way, their customers get to know and trust you. For example, if you sell wine, you can pair it with a local cake shop or a flower shop for Valentine’s day.

Influencers work the same way, but their audience is broader a more diverse. You can list local and national influencers who fit your business’s direction and contact them. 

Listen to your customers

The last but definitely, not least method to keep your customers is to listen to them. You will have people who will have faith in your business. Ask them for feedback and change or adapt the top everyday things they suggest.

A happy customer brings more to your business than you can imagine. Bear in mind the feedback you receive and act accordingly.

Keep calm and dominate the market!

Pick the cheaper way to put your business on the internet. When your business grows, it would be best to follow their example and have a website and an app. If you have a physical shop remember to update the crucial information on Google Maps.

The beginning of the entrepreneurial journey is difficult, but with a well-planned plan, you can achieve the desired results. You can start the project from this list of ideas and establish your name on the market. After several years of activity, you can reintegrate them to extend your pursuit.


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