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How powerfully can mobile technology transform your business in 2022?

Written by Contributor, on 5th Aug 2022. Posted in General

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Mobile technology has totally permeated the modern business workspace. In a world where slow and steady no longer sells, everyone is hunting gregariously for speed.

Pace and productivity are adorably worshipped all around our workspaces, with time getting so crucial that one could be forgiven for wearing two wristwatches simultaneously!

This explains why more and more businesses are adopting the amazing possibilities mobile technology brings to the table.

Do you care to know some of these possibilities?

So much can be easily and quickly done

The world is much more seamless with mobile technology, as many bureaucratic blockades have been impressively bulldozed with just a single tap on a smartphone.

Take, for example, the old days of laboriously betting in gambling houses. Now betting providers provide their customers with mobile solutions like the william hill app, enabling such customers to bet from the comfort of their phones.

The beauty of mobile technology is not exclusive to the sports betting industry, of course!

You can have a conference on your bed or give a lecture to a board of Havard professors in your flappy pajamas.

So much can now be done in such little interval today with quick mobile solutions. Apps have deliciously fortified work environments ensuring every single employee has a faithful untiring secretary on his smartphone.

Today, scanning, local filing, and all that have become as odd as your friend’s grandma winking at you.

This is because of emergent mobile cloud solutions. The returns of mobile technology judiciously multiply for small businesses.

There is now much more convenience filing VAT returns, monitoring sales, customer behavior, and all that.

Businesses can now grow better and faster

Mobile technologies have reduced the financial hurdles to be overcome when starting and running a business.

Mobile payment methods have made transferring money between businesses and customers much more fluid.

The official figures heavily suggest that businesses adopting mobile-first technologies are enjoying juicier leaps in growth and ROI.

Borrowing from a survey conducted by renowned investment database CB Insights, it was discovered that some seventeen years ago, launching a small business could separate you from your hard-earned £3.3 million.

However, fast forward to today, the same task would only cost you miserly £3,200. Jamie Ward, CEO of PayasUgym, says: “The key to start-ups is scaling fast, so removing blockers to achieve that is critical. Cloud-based solutions have allowed us to ramp up seamlessly and deal with seasonal peaks without fear of the dreaded downtime”.

Today the world has been compressed into a global village. Businesses today no longer have their international growth checkmated by geographical boundaries.

The whole world is all for your conquest as a unified marketplace. Tools like Paypal, and Payoneer, have audaciously slumped the time it exhausts for a business to go global. Some nine to thirteen years back, while it may take you almost two years to successfully reach a global audience, now the time is much lesser than half.

Communication has greatly improved

In today’s business collaborative work environment, communication is of the essence. Mobile technology has improved this as there is a more interwoven network of pipelines connecting staff.

This ensures that more volume of helpful information is easily transferred among employees. We have mobile solutions like Slack which brings the entire workforce into one virtual office, making sure communication is at its peak fluidity.

“Estate agents aren’t known for good communication,” explains Craig Ferguson, director of realtors Deighton Mckenzie. “When we set up the business, using Slack internally was really handy – it works across platforms, so we can use it with tablets, desktops, whatever.

Data is now so readily available

Today's businesses are readily overfed with nourishing meals of data. Information is awash compared to some seven years ago when it was almost classified and competitively hoarded by some few business hegemonies.

With mobile-friendly software today, businesses now more conveniently share data among themselves. Imagine something like Oracle today, or others like SAP, business owners can now directly monitor their accounts with live dashboards, irrespective of where they are located.

Employees can now work more flexibly

With mobile technologies, every place is an office as work can be done in and outside the formal confines of the office room.

This has made employees work with improved flexibility and convenience. Every task is dispatched off the desk with a smile, the to-do list is shriveling heavily like it is incurably ill.

So much can be done from anywhere today with mobile technologies.

Why travel miles to submit a file when you can send it from Skype on your phone, returning your screen quickly to that amazing Netflix episode you were enjoying?


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