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How the Golf Business Has Flourished in 2020

Written by Contributor, on 7th Jan 2021. Posted in General

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There are not many businesses that can claim to have had a bumper year in 2020, but the golfing industry has certainly bucked the trend.  Here’s why:


People have had more time on their hands.  Many people have lost their jobs this year and even those who have been lucky enough not to end up unemployed have seen a huge increase in working from home time.  This has saved them a lot of commuting hours and has meant that they were more able to spend that time on the golf course.

Many people opt for shorter forms of exercise during the week such as running or cycling as they do not have the time to play 18 holes, but in 2020, they found they didn’t need to substitute their favorite form of exercise. It has been suggested that people who had previously played a round of golf five times per year played around five times per month in 2020, which has added a lot of extra traffic to the average golf course.

Lack of Other Exercise Options

There are many ways to keep fit and golf is just one of them.  However, with many gyms on lockdown and indoor sports banned in a lot of areas, the golf course became a place where people could go to exercise.  There was a huge increase in people wanting to take golf lessons or buy golf clubs so they could get out and play and look good while doing so. 

An Uptick in Equipment Purchase

There was also a huge increase in people buying their own golfing equipment, prompted by a rise in interest in golfing as a lockdown hobby.  Golf cart tire supply companies and those selling accessories saw a dramatic upward swing in their businesses, as people wanted to make sure they had their own equipment and did not need to borrow or hire anything, as they may have done previously.

The Need to Be Outside

People have needed a distraction from the difficulties of everyday life in 2020 as many have found it stressful and golf has been an excellent provider. It is not good for anyone to stay cooped up in the house all day long and never venture outside, and it can be hard for people to feel motivated to go for a walk around the block every day.  Golf has given them the motivation to stay fit and healthy as well as giving them a good reason to be outside, and people have been rushing to the golf course at every opportunity.

The Need for Safe Social Contact

People are social animals and social distancing and lockdowns have been hard on their mental health, increasing their sense of isolation. Golf has been seen as a way to stay connected to friends and spend time together that people were not able to do otherwise.  It gave them real-time contact with each other, which was sorely lacking for them in 2020.  One of the benefits of golf is that it can be a social activity and many golfing enthusiasts play golf with friends or business colleagues. Because golf is an outdoor sport, it is safe to do even in restricted areas.


The weather has been good for us in 2020 with many states enjoying better than average sunshine.  This has helped to motivate people to get in a game of golf while they can, and they have greatly enjoyed the health benefits of doing so.

All in all, 2020 has been a great time to be in the golf business as it has seen such a boom in people wanting to enjoy the magnificent game.



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