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How written content can boost your online reach

Written by Sim Pinder, on 13th Jun 2016. Posted in General

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Many companies think of their online written content as an afterthought, often without a clearly defined publication schedule. This can negatively affect your online search engine optimisation.

Well written, regularly updated content is the key to driving engagement and climbing up search engine pages.

Here at Business World, we understand that getting well written SEO rich content on your website is fundamental to growth in today’s market.

Unfortunately many businesses either don’t have the time or skills to write great content for their enterprise websites. This is a major stumbling block. Employing a content creator such as Business World is a simple and effective way of getting well written, specialised content on your site.

When you have great content you need to share it. Two ways of doing this are via social media and other people’s websites.

Social Media

Sharing your content across your social media platforms is a great way to drive engagement, website visits and ultimately sales.

Obviously you’re the best in the market! But look at your rivals, both at home and abroad, see what they do with their social media. Factors to consider: 

• Are updates made regularly? Very important for content marketing!

• Do updates include images / photos / videos – social media posts that include rich visual content are far more likely to be attractive to the casual viewer

• Does the tone suit your business – Tonality is very important. For example - are you a financial regulator? Fintech pioneer? Or a Local Bar? Shape your tone to reflect your business area. Focus on your customers

3rd Party Sites

Another great way to increase traffic to your website is by having links to your site from a 3rd party website. This can be done by:

• Writing a guest blog for a website – it’s gotta’ be good; SEO rich, relevant strong written content, strong marketing

• Write an editorial / article for a 3rd party website

• Advertising on a 3rd party website

• Writing about a 3rd party website on your own site as part of a reciprocal deal

Business World

Here at Business World, we can help your company / organisation deliver your corporate message with SEO rich content. We can direct your written content across blogs, news feeds and news articles. We have a wide range of experience across the financial, regulatory, commercial and industrial sectors.

We benefit from a team of journalists, writers and marketers that can shape your message via the content and deliver it across your online platforms. We are experts in creating content and getting it out there whilst at the same time improving your SEO scores.

Need help creating great content? Let Business World show you what we can do!

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