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In or out of Europe….

Written by Sim Pinder, on 14th Jun 2016. Posted in General

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The big question on every ones lips is - in or out of Europe?.. And no not Brexit! We‘re talking of course about the football, the European Championships 2016.

When a feel good news topic such as Euro 2016 is in the news, content marketing companies such as Business World, can take the opportunity to write content in relation to the event.

When writing engaging content, it is worth bearing in mind what people will want to read. Perhaps something that is current but with a different take on the story. Using a positive news story to create marketing content is a valuable tool in the in the content creation writers toolbox.

Irish Business

How is Ireland doing in the competition and what effect does it have across business sectors?

All the expected businesses will do well - supermarkets, pubs and sellers of big TVs but what about other businesses?

Describing how businesses are reacting to the upsurge in sales is a really positive story and can form the basis of content marketing for many companies.

Supporting Business

Here at Business World, we receive news stories from a variety of companies that want to put their finger on the pulse with cool infographics or interesting comments / insight.

• The Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Ireland (CPA Ireland) produced an interesting graphic (above) showing the amount spent by fans travelling to France for Euro 2016.

• According to the Director of the Irish Small Firms Association, Patricia Callan, “Qualification gives Ireland an opportunity to showcase itself to an international audience of over 390 million people. This is a major opportunity for our tourism industry. It should also mean that more Irish people will holiday at home to join in the celebrations.”

So here we have two examples of authoritative financial companies that are using the Euro 2016 for content marketing – likely generating far a greater audience than more regular financial content marketing.

Content marketing

Strong content marketing is fundamental to any business’s online presence. Using relevant keywords across all platforms such as blogs and articles should be a key part of any business’s online plan.

Business World are the market leaders in Irish content creation. We support a broad range of inter-/national businesses with content marketing needs.

Our sector leading bespoke newsfeed services support two of the leading banks in Ireland. In addition, we create blogs, articles and editorials for a diverse range of businesses. Get in touch today so we can show you what we do.

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