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Ireland’s startups look set for another momentous year

Written by Contributor, on 19th Apr 2021. Posted in General

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The business landscape in Ireland is in good shape at this moment in time. American multinational corporation and technology company Intel recently announced plans for 1,600 jobs in the country, alongside the likes of Google and international medical companies like GSK, which already have a base in the country. A number of startups are looking to emulate these big brands, too.

In fact, some of these relatively young enterprises are aiming to disrupt the field and make noise in new and developing industries, while the rest are perhaps offering something better than what there has already been before. Many startups are in Dublin, but the wealth of new business has also found its way outside of the capital as startups continue to pop up all around the country.

As Irish business looks to go from strength to strength in the year ahead, a number of startups will be looking to kick on even further and capitalise on the overall healthy business climate in the country. Here is a look at a selection of startups that could be in for yet another impactful year.


Technology has progressed rapidly in recent times, especially when assessing the various forms of technology now on offer these days. One look at our smartphones demonstrates the power they now possess, with most devices capable of playing with real live dealers instead of relying on the computer or able to host an array of sophisticated apps. Going one step further, Aid:Tech uses blockchain technology to make sure transparency is achieved for the likes of welfare, remittances and donations. The startup recently received a €1M funding deal.


Founded in 2017 by Vannessa Tierney after she had fallen ill and was forced to work remotely, Abodoo specialises in finding remote and flexible workers with the perfect jobs for them. The career matching platform has over €1M in funding at the time of writing and is beginning to show impressive growth.

Apis Protect

With looking after the world’s bee population being this startups mission, Apis Protect was founded by Dr Fiona Edwards Murphy, who has created revolutionary agricultural technology to ensure the bee population is looked after. Beekeepers can access vitally important data and monitor the state of their bees more easily.


Enabling businesses to make more informed, data-driven decisions, CloudKPI’s software has been welcomed by many big players in business. Amazon Web Services is a client of the startup, which was founded in 2012 by Maeve Kneafsey and Brenda Jordan. The software provided is expected to win over additional business in the months ahead.


Based in Dublin, Coindrum gives travellers the perfect solution to getting rid of any foreign currency they don’t need when returning home. The company’s self-service machines turn any useless coins into shopping vouchers, allowing people to get rid of any unwanted money while also increasing the footfall in airport retail stores.


Founded in 2018 by 19-year-old Shane Curran, EverVault’s aim is to make data privacy more simple and accessible to the masses. The startup’s one-stop data toolkit has been well received in what promises to be another momentous year from the promising company.


The agricultural sector has been a tad slow at embracing new technology but thanks to young businesses like Farmeye that appears to be changing. Founders Dr Eoghan Finneran and Brendan Allen have masterminded a map-based system for sustainable soil nutrient management which is ideal for any farm. Enabling farmers to adhere to guidelines and gain a more detailed understanding of sustainable fertilisers, Farmeye has a bright future.

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