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Irish Oncologists See Success with Virtual Clinics

Written by Contributor, on 1st Mar 2021. Posted in General

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Irish oncologists have seen success with virtual clinics according to a new study surveying patients. In response to the risks of exposure to the COVID-19 virus, cancer doctors started doing consultations online. Considering that cancer patients are immunosuppressed and at high-risk for the virus, these virtual clinics are invaluable to provide resources to patients and keep them safe from contracting COVID-19.

The Growth of Telemedicine

When the pandemic forced physical distancing and governments around the world began mandating lockdowns, a wide variety of fields have been adapting by utilizing online technology and video conferencing software. To overcome the challenges of the pandemic, education, law, medicine, and more are taking their appointments online.

Telemedicine has become much more viable. Not only does it allow people to stay home and physically distance from others, it removes the communal hospital environment where people can contract the COVID-19 virus. Whenever an in-person appointment can be avoided, doctors are opting for virtual visits and consultations.

NHS Guidelines

The NHS in the United Kingdom put together guidelines in response to this need to this shift. Essentially the goal is to minimize any appointments that can be done online. If a physical examination is needed or blood needs to be taken, then the person will need to come into a hospital, but if only a consultation is necessary, it should be done over video conferencing.

This outlook also helps staff who are high-risk or currently isolating to continue to work online from their home. Overall there are less people interacting in these environments, mitigating the risk of transmission. As the virus has come to dominate our lives, virtual clinics and remote appointments are mitigating the spread.

Virtual Oncology Clinics

The study from Irish oncologists surveyed over 100 people, most of which who said that they were as equally or nearly as satisfied with virtual clinics as in-person appointments. 82 percent of people said there would be a role for virtual clinics after the pandemic ends and 61 percent said that they were relieved to avoid exposure to the virus in a hospital environment.

Since cancer patients are at-risk, they should avoid contracting the virus at all costs. These online methods provide new ways to go through with business as usual while keeping patients safe. They need consultations and these appointments can be done with telemedicine.

The Future of Remote & Virtual Technology

Beyond the benefits of telemedicine, virtual and remote technology will continue to improve our lives. The pandemic has forced to all kinds of sectors to overcome challenges and work towards getting work done safely.

According to McGinley Solicitors, which is a team of personal injury lawyers who are experts in patient safety, virtual technology doesn’t just mitigate the spread of the virus it will provide opportunities. So many different fields could have been utilizing technology to cut down on travel and expenses. Now that the world has been forced to physically distance from others, the benefits of the pandemic will be used in ways they weren’t before it.

With the success of virtual meetings in not just oncology but in court hearings, educational classes, and more, these technologies aren’t going away after the pandemic. They will continue to be utilized after the COVID-19 crisis is over. Of course it is difficult to see the silver lining of this pandemic, but it has forced the world to advance technology and the use of technological tools that we weren’t taking advantage of.

Oncology is integral to treating cancer patients. While virtual clinics were created to avoid exposing these people to the COVID-19 virus because their immune systems are compromised by their illness, the benefits that have resulted will be taken from successful measures like it and expanding these advantages to all the different parts of our world.

Telemedicine is proving that multiple facets of modern life can be fulfilled online with virtual video conferencing technology, remote appointments, and other tools that can minimize the amount we are traveling to and from facilities and get more done from the comfort of our homes. Like remote work, the world is advancing in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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