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Irishluck offers reviews of casinos and sports betting sites Irish gamblers

Written by Contributor, on 12th Jan 2022. Posted in General

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The casino industry is expanding worldwide, not the least in Ireland. Since the competition in the industry is fierce, and many gambling operators are fighting to establish themselves, gamblers struggle to decide where to go for entertainment. Fortunately, there are sites dedicated to this, that is sites reviewing and comparing various online casinos and sports betting sites.

Irishluck is one of those. Irishluck is an independent online casino and sports site which reviews and compares various operators on the Irish gambling market. The team behind Irishluck is dedicated to write detailed reviews about Irish gambling operators and compare the best ones so that gamblers, like themselves, always can find reputable online casinos and sport betting sites.

Thorough evaluation of each operator

Irishluck’s task is to compare online gambling operators and help their readers find gambling sites where they can enjoy their time. They mean that todays’ gamblers should not settle for the first site that comes up, but instead take a moment to really compare and read reviews to find the best alternative for them.

To facilitate the choice for the gambler, Irishluck makes thorough evaluations of each online casino and sport betting site according to their assessment criteria, such as reviewing below elements for each operator:


One of the most important factors regarding the choice of casino or betting site is the reliability. This has to do with, among other things, the number of years the business has existed, as well as the license they are regulated by.

Bonuses and offers

Because bonuses and offers are super important to today’s players, Irishluck puts a lot of time and energy into evaluating these very elements of online casinos and sport betting sites. Here, they rate the bonuses and promotions according to generosity and low requirements, whereas bonuses that can be played for free are the best ones and vice-versa.

Number of games

The more games the better. For online casinos, this means a wide range of slot machines, table games and live casino games. For betting sites, this means more sports to bet on and a wider selection of betting markets. All which Irishluck reviews and compare.

Payment methods

Something that is also important during Irishluck’s review process is the payment methods available on each gambling site. Most important are of course secure deposits and withdrawals, but they should preferably also be both fast and smooth.

Why compare different casinos and sport betting sites?

Many may wonder why you should even use a comparison site like Irishluck and not just go directly to a gambling operator you know. We believe the simplest answer to this question is: why not?

Services like Irishluck are completely free to use and also offer impartial and well-detailed reviews and comparisons. This way, you will find the right casino or betting site in a split-second.

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